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About Us

Uncomplicated. Unpretentious. Just good Halifax content.

Halifax has lots of amazing bloggers, and we wanted a clean and simple way to read local content in one place.  We also wanted a way to actively promote local bloggers in the area, and the Halifax area itself.

So here we are. is your new #1 blog site featuring links to Halifax’s best blog articles, updated regularly. Check back often, we’ve always got great new stuff to show.


I’m a blog creator. How do I get my stuff carried on this site? 

Simple. Email us at admin (at) and we’ll take it from there.


Any costs or restrictions?

Nah, insecurity isn’t our thing. We’re happy to carry your blog, and we’re totally cool if you see other people.  (You can syndicate your blog with other sites too)


My favorite blog isn’t carried here.

We’ll fix that. Drop us a line here and tell us about it.


I’ve always thought about starting a blog. Can you help?

Yup. We’ll host your blog and help you get started. Hit us up here.


I’d like to advertise on How?

We don’t offer advertising options at this time. If you’re a blogger and interested in sharing revenue with us, let us know.


Thanks for stopping by.  We’ve got a lot more in store in the coming weeks.