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Our Place to Shop For Christmas

By Katie Rose

The Wild Decoeli | Our Place to Shop For Christmas, Canadian Tire |

For Poppy, we grabbed a Pomsies, which is a wearable Pom-Pom cat. It’s so cute and interactive when you press its nose. In fact, Aubrey has also been playing with it and they both love pretending it’s a real cat.

We ended up doing a lot of our Christmas shopping at Canadian Tire this year. Their toy selection is one of the best in the city. And, as always, we grabbed a few things for ourselves – this time it was some adorable home décor, which many of you noticed. Now, to wait for the next few weeks until we can see their faces when they open up the rest. I seriously LOVE Christmas.

What are some of your little one’s must-have toys this year?

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One of my fondest memories as a kid was when the thick Christmas catalogues would start to arriat to our house in the mail. They would start a few weeks after school started and it would give my sisters and I something to look forward to for the next few …read more

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